Hi, I’m Trish and welcome to The Frugal Wife PH!

After getting married, I realized that in this new chapter of my life there will be a lot of changes and things that needs to be done and so I wanted to document these things.

On the early days I only wanted to write down things I’ve learned through experiences, from books I’ve read and even those of other people who are generous enough to share a piece of their story. Mostly, I wrote about finances because at that phase of my life I am into learning the ropes of investment, budgeting, etc. A few months later, who would have thought I will be writing about marriage and pregnancy – still in the context of finances!

I would write in 10s such as Top 10 Things of all sorts under finances, buying a property and even meal prep – all sort of things a frugal wife would do. Join me as I navigate my way through being a homemaker!


Born and raised in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, I came to Cebu last May 2013. I just graduated from college then and was sent to Cebu for review and eventually to took up the licensure examination for mechanical engineers. The duration of my stay lasted about five months and while in Cebu, I was offered a job and passed the board examination. I went home in Bacolod for a while and returned around November of 2013 in Cebu to start with my first job.

From November 2013 until today, I still worked with the same company who hired me when I was still a fresh graduate. The company has sent me numerous times to Japan and that is where I met my now husband. We now live in Mandaue City, Cebu. I used to think that I am only a sojourner here in Cebu but now I am proud to call this my 2nd home!


7 years in Cebu is a lot of change. The province is changing and so is my life. I came to Cebu young and naïve to actually growing and maturing (and aging!) Because Cebu is a lot more urbanized compared to Bacolod, I tasted the euphoria of experiencing new things.

Cebu actually has a lot to offer. I’ve lived and watched the boom and rise of things. During my early years of living in Cebu, trendy restaurants and cafés were the thing. Then, suddenly there’s the whale-shark watching and canyoneering. Yakiniku slowly became popular and so is milk tea. Over the years, day tour trips to luxurious resorts in Mactan and other white sand beaches became so common in all social media and blogging sites and even fun run too! Temple of Leah, flower gardens and even new malls such as Robinson’s Galleria and SM Seaside rose. Ice skating, mountain trekking, camping and motorcycle ride alternately took up most photos in social medias. This about page wouldn’t give justice to what Cebu can offer to those who have lived and visited the province.

The things I mentioned above used to be what interests me. I would spent a great deal of time searching for new experiences. It is actually a pretty easy thing to do. When you searched the net, there were a lot of helpful blogs featuring what’s new in Cebu. I would still visit these blogs when I am into new experiences. They provide helpful information from photos, costs to transportation guides.

Now, as I have grown older and my priorities in life have changed, the things that used to be in the front seat have now taken up the back seat. I realized grownup things and some of the most important things weren’t really documented or up in the internet. No one bothered to write things about how long it takes to process government transactions, the steps in purchasing a house or any other things that grownups were looking for and needed guidance doing it.


When in Japan, I lived in a small city located in southern part of Japan. It is a quiet, peaceful and no fuss city with a population of only 60,000. It doesn’t offer you that much when it comes to adventures or new experiences but it is beautiful and sufficient. Since I can’t really speak or write Japanese fluently, I relied mostly in the internet. It amazes me that there is so much things I can do because it seems that everything or at least the helpful ones were written in front of me. Information about the city where I live is accessible to me anytime and in English too! It is actually a government site which aims to provide information to tourist such as train access, bus routes, maps, nearby restaurants and attractions.

This blog will probably never surpass those travel blogs I used to read. But just like the government site in Japan, my goal for this blog is for people who lived in Cebu to be given access to useful information all the while continuing to provide them with insights about frugal living.


Thank you for being here. Just having you read some stuffs in this page makes my heart jump. I am extremely glad you spared a few minutes of your precious time with me.

Join me as I continue to learn the ways of frugal living, discover the world of marriage, new experiences, opportunities, places to go and books to read here in the place I called home – Cebu!

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