Choosing the right motorcycle according to your need is the first step if you consider buying one. In Cebu, you can own a brand new motorcycle for as low as PhP 41,000 from trusted dealers. The prices can go higher as the specs and engine’s cubic capacity (cc) go higher too!

Just like a car, owning a motorcycle requires maintenance too. If you are planning to purchase one, keep in mind of the following essential items and their corresponding costs;

Note: The items listed below are commonly found and used in a scooter – the motorcycle of choice by most riders in Cebu.

1. Fuel

Gas costs a minimum of PhP 100/week for home-office/office-home (3.9km/way) ride and weekend errands. Set aside additional budget if you want to have leisure rides during the weekends, after-work errands during weekdays, business deals, delivery and etc.

2. Rain Gear/Raincoat

Rain gear or raincoat for riders are available at department stores and online. It costs around Php 600/pair, top jacket and bottom already included. Prices may go higher for brands made of high quality materials. Additional cost also for and those rain gears which includes other accessories such as waterproof shoe cover and pouch bags.

In choosing a rain gear, you may want to consider basic features such as quality, durability, water repellent fabric, lightweight, breathable and with night reflector. For the size, make sure you are comfortable while riding and all your body parts including your belongings (backpack/bag) is covered.

3. Motorcycle cover

Protect your motorcycle from falling leaves, acid rain, insolation, dusts and scratches by providing appropriate cover. The average price online and in department stores is PhP 250. Almost all motorcycle covers are now sun proof, dust proof, washable, breathable and water repellent. Make sure it is not easily torn, covers the entirety of the motorcycle’s body, does not stick to the motorcycle’s casing, does not get brittle easily and become stiff when exposed to sunlight.

4. Helmet

Motorcycle helmet is a safety gear and have saved countless motorcyclist lives. In the Philippines, you can get a decent motorcycle helmet for Php 2,500. The prices can go as high as Php 200,000 depending on the brand and it’s corresponding features.

There are variety of motorcycle helmet types. The full face, is considered the safest and a versatile choice regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride and where you ride it. Other types are half, modular, open face, off-road and dual sport.

When choosing a helmet, consider where you plan to ride (city or off-road), safety features, size (fits the shape of your head) and can accommodate any additional eye accessories you will be wearing.

5. Engine oil

To keep your motorcycle up and running at it’s best condition at all times, it is important for the engine to be well oiled. Oil is needed to lubricate the internal parts of the engine. It’s purpose is to reduce friction of the moving parts and clean the internal parts of the engine too!

Oil is needed to be changed regularly to clean shaved off metal caused by wear and tear, dust and dirt that seeps through the seals and deposits to the cylinder head and liner. Overtime, these sludge build up will decrease the efficiency of the engine and the engine will soon die.

Engine motor oil costs around PhP 250. Motorcycle manufacturers have recommended engine oils to be used for their products. It is best to adhere to their recommended grade of oil as well as the interval for engine oil change.

6. Safety gears

As you go along, you will realize that motorcycle helmet is not the only safety gear you will ever purchase. There are various products which offers an extra layer of protection for the rider from head to foot. Here’s a list of safety gears must-haves:

  • Eye protection – protects your eyes from getting fragments of gravel, dust, small debris, particles and strong winds
  • Motorcycle jacket – provides a layer of protection for your upper body especially your shoulders, elbow and back in case of crash
  • Long pants – provides relief from engine heat and added protection in your lower body in case of crash
  • Riding boots – made especially for driving and are much more comfortable than regular shoes. It protects your feet and ankles as well reduces the risk of getting open wounds.
  • Riding gloves – it helps keeps the hand in place and provides protection from gravel and debris
  • Armor, chest protector, back/spine protector, knee guards and elbow guards – protects the respective body parts from severity of crashes

7. Service check-up

Aside from regularly changing the motorcycle’s oil, a general service check-up for motorcycle’s maintenance is also important. Although there are servicing jobs that are easy enough to do yourself, servicing done by experts are comprehensive (change oil, tune up, chain adjustment, brake cleaning/adjustment, etc.) with the right tools and genuine parts available in case of replacements.

Go to the nearest motorcycle service center and have experts set eyes at the condition of your motorcycle. Regular servicing will keep your motorcycle in a tip-top condition while preventing breaking off, coming loose or springing a leak parts that may cause driveway accidents. Service check-up usually costs around Php 300.

8. Annual insurance

Most of the time when you buy a brand new motorcycle in Cebu, the price for the motorcycle already includes Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration and insurance coverage for the first year.

Motorcycle insurance is another layer of protection both for the rider and the motorcycle in case of accidents or theft. Depending on the coverage, the insurance will most of the time cover the repair or replacement of the motorcycle, personal injuries and third-party injuries. Motorcycle insurance premiums starts at Php 300 for basic coverage. Explore many options and start saving for the following year for your insurance premium!

9. Motorcycle accessories

Most motorcycle riders (not only in Cebu) loves to upgrade the looks of their motorcycles. The following are the most common accessories they prefer to buy and its corresponding price in the market:

  • Crash guard – PhP 3,800
  • Top box – PhP 2,500 + additional cost for bracket
  • Phone holder – PhP 460
  • Mini driving lights – PhP 1,200
  • Foot board – PhP 220
  • Foot slider/Footrests – PhP 280
  • Headlight bulb – PhP 275
  • Kill switch- PhP265
  • Two port charger – PhP 700
  • Voltmeter- PhP 100
  • Horn – PhP 630
  • Naked handle bar – PhP 10,000
  • Visor – PhP 475
  • Lever/Hand gaurd – PhP 750
  • Crossbar – PhP 400
  • Action cam mount – PhP 269
  • Throttle Assist – PhP 21
  • Helmet hook – PhP 150
  • Custom camel backseat – PhP 1,000
  • Tire hugger – PhP 900

10. Common parts replacement

To keep the motorcycle running at the top condition, some parts are needed to be replaced at a certain mileage to prevent dragging and engine inefficiency. The following are the most common parts that you will need to replace soon. Make sure you buy only genuine parts from trusted dealers.

If you want to save up for your motorcycle maintenance, here’s a list and its corresponding price for future reference:

  • Side mirror – PhP 350
  • Shock – PhP 2,000
  • Tire – PhP 1,990 each
  • Gear – PhP 950
  • Belt (leather) – PhP 450
  • Fly ball – PhP 200
  • Pulley – PhP P1,500
  • Drive face – PhP 1,500
  • Clutch lining – PhP 1,750
  • Clutch bell – PhP 930
  • Torque drive – PhP 750
  • Center spring – PhP 399
  • Fuel filter – PhP 300
  • Battery – PhP 1,757
  • Spark plug – PhP 150

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without’s notice.

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