In travel, you have the ETA, itinerary making, bookings, clothes to pack, food to taste and pictures to take! The good thing about travel is that you can customize it. Why pay for more when you can pay much less and arrive at the same destination? It’s no secret and there are plenty of helpful blogs that you can read to get to your destination at a budget without compromising the experience. You can cut down your expenses by doing backpacking instead of taking a prearranged tour, eating street foods instead of going to restaurants and booking a hostel or dormitory instead of staying in a hotel.

In a totally different world of pregnancy, would you actually believe that there are also ways to lessen pregnancy bills? Every pregnant woman and her partner knows how the bills just suddenly balloons the moment the little one occupies the womb.

1. Brgy. health center

Barangay health centers provide maternity care to pregnant women who wished to avail their services. Vaccines and prenatal consultations are free. Vitamins can also be purchased at a discounted price. Compared to a private OB-GYNE, vaccines cost around P2,000/shot while prenatal consultation is P600/visit.

2. Maternity package

If you prefer private hospitals, there are those which offers maternity package at an affordable price. Maternity package already includes prenatal and delivery care for as low as P16,000. Some hospitals even allow ‘installment payment scheme’. Compared to a private OB-GYNE, prenatal consultation payment is separate from delivery which starts at P80,000. How affordable is maternity package? Almost 5x cheaper!

3. Insurance

Insurance comes in handy during pregnancy. Most insurance does not cover laboratory expenses relating to prenatal care but there are cases when you will able to such as consultation fee, emergency cases during delivery, complications, etc. HMOs provided by private companies and PhilHealth by the government were the most common insurance used by pregnant women to lessen pregnancy expenses.

4. Fundraising

It goes without saying that to be able to provide proper care and nutrition to pregnant women, a sufficient amount of money is required. Pregnant woman’s diet is slightly different. She needs healthy foods, milk and vitamins. She also needs to be checked regularly to see if the baby in her womb is developing well. All these additional needs can go over the budget compared to when she was not pregnant yet. If your expenses are getting higher due to pregnancy but your income is the same, consider doing a fundraising to meet the mother and growing baby’s needs. Try doing garage sale, online selling or any side hustle that you enjoy!

5. Frugal living

Frugal living at least during pregnancy is a big help when it comes to lowering the expenses. Frugal living is a lifestyle change. It does not entirely mean cheap, just conscious living. Here are some practical ways to cut back on your expenses by switching to frugal living:

  • Lunch meal prep – save money and time instead of cooking daily or eating at a cafeteria
  • Shop at wet and public markets – prices are 3x cheaper and produce are fresher compared to department stores especially fruits, vegetables and seafoods
  • Make your own soap, shampoo and detergent – these items are more expensive than food so if you switch to DIY, it will loosen up your budget
  • Homemade snacks – a much healthier and cheaper way compared to ordering online for pregnant woman’s cravings

6. Research, research, research

There are a lot of blogs which tells you things you have to avoid, things you need to buy, pregnancy must-haves, hospital checklist, etc. The list of things are so overwhelming and if you follow them all you would end up buying a lot of stuffs that might not even be useful to your circumstances. Every pregnancy is unique and what others need’s might not be applicable to you. Research and read reviews prior to purchasing. Example: You need to update your wardrobe to accommodate your growing bump. Instead of buying regular maternity dress, it is preferable that you purchase the ones with breastfeeding access so that you need not to purchase again when the baby arrives.

7. Exercise

Exercise will not directly impact your pregnancy expenses as it will not reflect in your cash flow. However, if you want to have a normal delivery which is cheaper compared to cesarean delivery, you need to keep moving.

8. Proper diet

Aside from hospital related expenses, one of the most expensive aspect of pregnancy is the pregnant woman’s diet. Balance and nutritious meal is good for the mother and the baby. On the contrary, healthy foods cost more that unhealthy foods. But, don’t let that deter you from eating healthy foods during pregnancy. Think of it as an investment. If the mother and the baby in the womb is healthy, there will be no complications and unnecessary hospital treatments which is obviously more costly than eating healthy foods.

9. Discounts

Avail any discounts that may help lower the pregnancy and delivery expenses. Pregnant women with PhilHealth contribution find it helpful to lessen their delivery expenses at the hospital. Pag-IBIG fund, also offer 8% discounts to their loyalty card holders for hospital rooms, laboratory tests, etc. on selected hospitals.

10. Sponsors

Probably the most loved by all mummies – sponsored gifts for her and the baby. Not only it will lessen the pregnancy and baby expenses, it also warms the heart of the pregnant woman and mommy who is anxious, tired and sleepless.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without trishaspan.com’s notice.

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