Planning for your baby’s gender reveal is really quick and simple! Check-out the list below for an intimate gender reveal party guide:

1. Ultrasound result

The most reliable way to know the gender of the baby is through ultrasound. The main purpose of the ultrasound is to check the baby’s health, growth and development while inside your womb. Your OB-GYNE may request ultrasound to check the following; baby’s heartbeat, age, number of pregnancy (single/twins), position of the baby (head-first/feet-first), location of pregnancy (ectopic/normal) and other medical reasons for diagnostics.

It uses sound waves to see the baby inside the womb. Depending how far along you are in the pregnancy and the position of the baby, you may be able to see the baby’s hands, feet, other body parts and even internal organs!

2. Choose a party theme

The most common gender reveal party theme is pink and blue. Pink for girl and blue for boy, or both if you are having fraternal twins! You could also come up with other themes such as;

  • Bees, butterflies, stars, etc.
  • Mermaid or pirates
  • Beauty or beast (seriously?)
  • Wheels or heels
  • Bows or bowties

The best theme is the one that suits you and your partner’s personality. Theme is mainly used for decorations purposes only such as on walls, ceilings, table centerpieces, balloons, food (desserts table), you and your guests outfit and most importantly the method how you will reveal your baby’s gender.

3. Pick a way to reveal the gender

The way to reveal the gender of the baby is probably one of the most researched part of a gender reveal party. You imagine and anticipate the level of excitement it will bring so you carefully plan the details.

Depending on your preference, you may want to consider some of the most popular and trending way these days to reveal the gender of the baby;

  • Pull string box/gender reveal piñata – packed with balloons and confetti which when pulled down reveals the gender of the baby
  • Surprise balloon box – packed with multiple helium balloons which floats to the air when the box is opened and reveals the gender of the baby
  • Gender reveal cake/cupcakes – cake baked with the color of baby’s gender inside and reveals the gender only when sliced
  • Balloon pop gender reveal – opaque black balloon filled with flying confetti of the baby’s gender when popped
  • Gender reveal smoke bombs/grenades – a hand stick which when the wire is pulled, emits a colored smoke revealing the gender of the baby

Note: Consider carefully or move your venue outdoors if you wanted the smoke bombs/grenade gender reveal. In some places, they are considered firecrackers and are not safe indoors.

4. Set the time, date and venue

Grand or intimate, you have to sent out an invitation for your guests for the gender reveal party. The best timing is considered to be about a month before the gender reveal party. For the invitation, there are many printable invitations online (paid and free), there are also apps where you can make one for yourself, and if all else fails – you can always send an email, text message, chat or create a social media event.

Include the time, date, venue and RSVP. If you are having a virtual gender reveal party, don’t forget to send the zoom link after RSVP! Also made known to your guests if you want them to wear matching outfits to the theme.

5. Program and activities

Gender reveal parties are pretty simple and fast as the host is obviously pregnant (and tired). Virtual or not, a program will help you make the flow of the gender reveal party smooth, in order and timely. Take this simple timeline as your guide:

  1. Welcome – light refreshments, opening prayer
  2. Lunch or dinner
  3. Fun and games, gift opening and advice to parents
  4. Gender reveal
  5. Departure – party favors, photo booth

6. Party food and drinks

A gender reveal party is in a way a mini birthday party honoring the gender and arrival of the unborn baby. It is a party for adult with a kid’s theme, color and even food where the mood is fun, carefree and casual. To match the mood of the event, some recommended (finger) foods and drinks are the following;

  • Kid’s corner- biscuits, chocolates, nuts, marshmallows, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, chips and lemonade
  • Mom’s cravings – chicken wings, pizza, chicken burger, french fries, nachos, spaghetti and iced coffee
  • Dad’s cravings – cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, ice cream, sea foods, coffee and beer
  • Healthy options – fruit platter, salad, sandwiches and coconut juice
  • Filipino party foods – lumpia, empanada, fishballs, siomai, BBQ-on-sticks, lechon manok, kakanin and softdrinks

7. DIY and Crafts

Digital or printed materials for your gender reveal party cost almost nothing with today’s digital age. There are also various mobile applications to work on these stuffs.

These crafts are added decorations to bring life to the gender reveal party. You can also print for a minimal printing fee. Chalkboards and DIY photo-hanging on a string are fun to make too! What makes these crafts special are the details you put into them, such as your pregnancy and baby’s milestones that you will treasure forever as a family.

If you are a fan of DIY, try making this charcuterie board of plain biscuits, chocolate coated biscuits, crackers and nuts. It will add an extra layer of cuteness to your desserts table!

8. Gender reveal party checklist

Check-out this comprehensive checklist to help you with your gender reveal party planning:

9. Gender reveal story and expenses

We were able to know the gender of the baby after three ultrasounds. I had my first ultrasound (TVS) at 9 weeks where I first met my baby and hear the little one’s heartbeat. At 20 weeks (Anatomy Scan), we weren’t able to see because the baby’s legs were crossed! We thought it was funny but we were kind of defeated as we have to wait another four weeks for another ultrasound to see the gender – that is, if we were lucky. Medically, there are times when the baby’s gender is really difficult to tell because of the baby’s size and position inside the womb. Finally, on the third ultrasound (Congenital Anomaly Scan), because the baby is already big enough, I was able to see the baby’s gender. I kept it from my husband until the gender reveal party.

Honestly, the gender is the last thing on my mind during the congenital anomaly scan. Knowing that there were no anomalies found, that my baby’s little hands and feet we’re complete is enough reason for me to celebrate.

On July 27, 2021 we had our intimate-virtual gender reveal party around dinner time. Only my husband and I were in the house and our families were with us in spirit (LOL. Online I mean). It’s a pretty straightforward gender reveal party. When the cake was sliced and my husband and was surprised it was finished.

For the budget, this is just an intimate gender reveal party and there only small expenses:

  • Gender reveal cake – P400
  • Pizza – P359
  • DIY charcuterie board – P150

Total expenses: P909

10. It’s a…

Thank you for reading along up to the end of this blog. We are proud to announce that we are going to have a baby GIRL!

Would you be so kind and help my mom and dad decide what my name would be, pretty please?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without’s notice.

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