In my previous blogs, I mentioned I went to a private OB-GYN for my prenatal visits and plan delivery. However, last June we decided to switch to UC Med maternity package for personal preference and financial reasons.

Just like in private OB-GYNE, maternity package also includes prenatal care all the way to delivery.

Maternity package may not be for everyone. Every pregnancy journey is unique. Do what you think is best for you and your baby. However, if you are looking for other (frugal) options, check-out the guide below for your future reference.

1. Register online

All pregnant women up to 24 weeks AOG is a qualified candidate for UC Med maternity package. Register online at ucmed.ph by filling in all the necessary information. Once registered, wait for the the UC Med to contact you for the online orientation schedule.

Basic information about the maternity package is also found in their website such as package rates, inclusions, requirements, terms and conditions, new born package and contact information.

2. Full course orientation via zoom

UC Med will provide the date, time and zoom link. Attend and complete the full course orientation. Failure to do so will be a ground for disqualification to enroll at the maternity package.

Full course orientation includes detailed discussion of the following; a) qualified candidates for the maternity package, b) application requirements, c) conditions for acceptance, d) requirements after acceptance of application, e) maternity package inclusions, f) payment guidelines, g) admission, h) delivery and discharge guidelines, i) no refund policy, j) use of medicine and supplies, and k) accommodation.

A consultation procedure is also discussed, laboratory package price, new born package, maternity package exclusions, and Q&A portion at the last part of the orientation.

After the online orientation, confirm via text message that you wish to avail the maternity package.

3. Package enrollment and prenatal

Obstetrics & Gynecology Out-patient Department, UC Med Mandaue

3.a enrollment schedule confirmation

Once your slot was secured, UC Med will inform via text message the enrollment schedule.

All UC Med maternity package enrollment + submission of requirements is scheduled every Monday only. If you are employed, make sure to file a leave of absence in advance after your schedule was confirmed.

3.b enrollment and submission of requirements

Go to UC Med and bring all the requirements as announced in the online orientation. The requirements varies per applicants such as pregnancy history, marital status, previous operations, etc. Bring everything in original and a photocopy of each document for submission and verification purposes. There is no nearby photocopying center so be sure you have a photocopy of everything.

Comply with the health declaration protocol at triage area and proceed to Obstetrics & Gynecology Out-patient Department at 2nd level. Submit all the requirements and fill-out the forms handed by the hospital staff. Forms include; 1) internal health declaration form from their department, 2) patient information form, 3) blood donation guidelines, 4) maternity package contract guidelines, and 5) exclusive breastfeeding commitment. For signatories, you and one witness is required during the signing of contract.

After submission of requirements, you will be given your prenatal check-up journal and your first prenatal (physical) visit with the resident OB/consultant will also proceed on that day.

3.c first physical visit

The resident OB/consultant will conduct the consultation after the enrollment and after your vital signs are taken. Every pregnancy consultation is unique to your pregnancy stage and condition. Be prepared with your history and important details to be relayed to the resident OB/consultant. After consultation, she will also be the one to set the next appointment. The next visit can either be physical or virtual. Unlike in private OB-GYN, your husband/partner is not allowed inside the consultation room.

4. Book next appointment

Present your journal to the hospital staff outside the consultation room. They will record your visit and log your next appointment schedule. If there are announcements or things you need to accomplish, they will also assist and give you the guidelines.

5. Payment for maternity package

The first payment for the maternity package is after the first physical visit. Payment is in easy installment scheme. It is based on the package type (normal or cesarean), how far along you are in the pregnancy and whether you are a PhilHealth member or not. You will be given a payment slip and you need to pay the amount at the nearest cashier. After payment, return to Obstetrics & Gynecology Out-patient Department for verification.

6. Laboratory requests

If there are laboratory requests upon your consultation with the resident OB/consultant, inquire in advance for the prices, how long to claim the result, things to do before the procedure and schedule of laboratory while you are still inside the facility.

Bring your results with you at the next appointment schedule.

7. Read your journal

Prenatal check-up journal with attached laboratory results.

Everything about your medical history, prenatal check-up findings, vitamin supplements and laboratory requests are recorded in the journal. Past laboratory results, maternity contract, breastfeeding commitment and even payment receipts are attached in the journal.

There are also things you need to accomplish as part of the maternity package program such as blood donation, tetanus vaccination, etc. There are guidelines and due dates so make sure you read and execute everything.

8. Advantages

  • UC maternity package offers affordable maternity care from prenatal to delivery. Compared to the rate of a private OB-GYNE, the price of maternity package is 5x cheaper for normal and cesarean delivery.
  • Payment is in easy installment scheme. Your amount to prepare for labor and delivery is only for your newborn baby and if complications may arise.
  • Pre-natal care, dietary consultation, hospital accommodation, use of labor room, delivery room, operating room, recovery room, procedure fees, doctors’ fees, OB kit with basic supplies, and postpartum follow-ups is already included in the package.
  • You are presented with the flow of prenatal care all the way to delivery so you would know your expectations.
  • They offer laboratory package – not included in the maternity package and at a separate charge.
  • New born package is offered complete with nursery accommodation, neonatal kit, doctor’s PF, eye prophylaxis & vitamin K administration, expanded newborn screening, hearing screening test & card, BCG vaccination, hepatitis B immunization, and postnatal follow-up at the pediatrics OPD. New born package is not included in the maternity package and at a separate charge.
  • UC Med supports breastfeeding.

9. Disadvantages

  • For most pregnant women, the issue with maternity package is – there is no personalized approach and you will face whoever is the available resident OB/ consultant during your visit.
  • Your husband or partner cannot come with you inside the consultation room.
  • There are conditions that needs to be met such as payment deadline, prenatal attendance, vaccination, breastfeeding and mother’s class attendance and mandatory blood donation.
  • Upgrading of room accommodation is not allowed.
  • No refund policy for cases such as pre-term delivery, abortion, withdraw from the program, non-compliance to schedule prenatal visits, not following physician’s order, delivery outside UC Med and no blood donation.

10. Tips

  • Get valuable insights by reading the basic information regarding UC Med maternity package in their website prior to attending the zoom online orientation.
  • Make a list of questions and probable scenarios you would want to ask/clarify at the last part of zoom online orientation.
  • List down or screenshot important information during the zoom online orientation especially if you are on the early stage of pregnancy. You might forget some information and instructions along the course of pregnancy (pregnancy brain!).
  • Follow the instructions carefully given in the zoom online orientation (text, confirmation, etc.)
  • Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Come on time to the Obstetrics & Gynecology Out-patient Department. Also, allocate enough time for hospital’s health safety protocol screening at the triage area.
  • Photocopy everything (laboratory results, IDs and other requirements). There are no photocopying services inside the hospital. You can go to the nearest mall (Parkmall) but it does not open until 10:00am.
  • Bring your own pen, alcohol, mask and face shield. If you are still urinating frequently, bring soap and tissue as comfort rooms usually ran out of stocks.
  • Be patient. Elevators are only a few. It may take you more time to transfer between each hospital floor levels.
  • Wear clothing that are easy to remove especially during blood pressure taking, weight and height measurement and checking of baby’s heartbeat. Bring jacket or cover-up just incase you might feel cold during your transactions. Bring snacks and drinks just in case you need to wait longer for your turn.
  • If there are laboratory requests, it is better to ask for prices in advance to prepare your budget. You also need to know the schedule of laboratory and claiming of results as you may need to take a leave of absence from work if it falls on weekdays, half day only, or if there are limit to patients they can entertain within the day. Also, know the procedure prior to taking the laboratory (fasting, etc.) to avoid repeating or void results.
  • Read your journal and bring it with you always.
  • Every pregnancy and delivery is unique. Regardless of where you choose to have your prenatal care and plan delivery, there might be complications and additional laboratories/requests to ensure your baby and you is safe. Everyone is encouraged to set aside additional funds for unseen circumstances.
  • Anything not stated or included in the maternity package contract is of separate charge (medicines, additional supply kit, vaccinations, blood transfusion, etc.).

For labor and delivery, I will make another blog post after my little one comes out! ☺️

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without trishaspan.com’s notice.

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  1. Hi! Do you have any details with regards to the laboratory rate of all tests if not enrolled in their laboratory package? I will really appreciate it. Thank you!


    1. Hi maam! I only did three laboratory tests in UC Med. These were the rates (as of July 2021):
      Blood typing – P236
      75g OGTT – P940
      Congenital Anomaly Scan – P2150

      If you have Pag-Ibig loyalty card, you may avail 5% discount for these laboratory tests.

      Other laboratory tests I did outside UC Med as I was not yet enrolled in the program:)

      Sorry I don’t have the laboratory rates of all the other tests in UC Med.


  2. Hi Mommy Trish,
    How far were you when you switched from private OB to maternity packages?

    Did they require you to start getting laboratory again or continue nlng kung ano kulang na mga laboratory mo?

    Thanks in advance💕


    1. Hi Loge! Sorry for the late response. I am on maternity leave right now 🙂

      I was 22 weeks when I was accepted sa package.

      No need to get another batch of laboratories except for the blood typing. Btw, everything will be discussed during the online orientation.


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