About a month ago, my husband and I decided to declutter things and sell them online. We are raising funds as well as clean up some space in our house for our unborn child – due this November!

How did we come up with which items to throw, give or sell? Check out the list below:

1. Out of season clothing

My husband and I have been sent to Japan to work for a couple of times. Over the course of 7-10 years, we have accumulated seasonal clothing based on Japan’s weather. While in Japan, those clothing items were indeed essential as it protects us from cold weather especially during spring, autumn and winter.

As we unpacked boxes after boxes and luggage after luggage, we realized there were just too many of these clothings that we cannot use here in Philippines. Winter clothes were so thick (but so comfy and plush – I love them!) that it took up so much space and cannot even be worn inside the house nor outside. We sell some and keep some (no need to buy when sent to Japan again!). We earn and free up a huge space in our closet. Decluttering periodically can become a side hustle too. If you are not a fan of selling used items you can also donate them on various community groups online.

2. Shrank clothing

Clothes worn over time shrank on their own. Some known cause ranges from the way you wash and dry your clothes, the type of fabric, moisture and heat.

You can actually ‘un-shrink’ each clothing item but if you do not plan on doing that, you better sold or gave them away early to save up some space.

Most of my clothing falls on this category. They are well kept but they are not the right size anymore! (Example: I can still fit on the waist but the length became too short that it’s almost inappropriate to be worn to the office). They were the ones we could easily sell as they do not have issues nor damage. Fundraising is possible with these kind of clothings.

3. Clothing that are sizes too small or too big

Clothes shrunk but so do you! You either shrank or you go bigger as you age. To accommodate your current size, you usually buy new clothing to feel comfortable, look dapper and stylish. In return, there are a lot of discarded old clothing that can’t be worn anymore, unless you go back to your old weight.

Don’t forget to include in your list of ill fitting clothes your uncomfortable bras, athletic wears and even swimsuits! If you are doing this for fundraising, make sure to post online and include reason for selling to give the shoppers the idea that these clothings are not broken, just a size too small or too big.

4. Stained clothing and dye transfer stains

Clothing with stains in the neck or at the armpit must go, unless you want to mix a cup vinegar with two cups of water, soak each clothing for 20 minutes, mix ½ cup baking soda with a tablespoon each of salt & hydrogen peroxide to form a paste and rub to the stained area (whites only). But you wont.

You might also include those you stained with ink, spaghetti sauce, oils and those clothing that exhibit new colors on one part because you forgot to segregate your laundry. This can be quite a bit hard emotionally especially since no one really stained their decent clothes on purpose. Sad to say they can’t be included in your online selling gig but you can always remodel them (if you have time in the future) to something useful such as bolster cover, rug, mop, etc.

5. Faded clothing

Dark colored clothings are everyone’s favorite. It makes them look leaner and chic. But they also fade a lot faster than other colors. You can actually restore the color of these clothings but it will take a lot of patience and mastery. You need to be careful with the temperature, how often you want to wash it, the detergent you use, washing machine setting and even the sun!

If you have an old dark clothing that you think will probably never go back to its original vibrant state, you can save space in your closet by giving them away. You can always sell it at a lower price if you are raising fund or as a side hustle.

6. Clothing you’ve outgrown

Although it may never happen to everyone, some people outgrew a clothing just like how they outgrew their favorite toys. Nothing is wrong with the clothing, it’s just you can’t bring them anymore to where you are going.

Years ago, I decide to rebrand my wardrobe to neutral or anything in earthly color scheme only. I realized I am getting older and some clothing items I have doesn’t go with my new brand. I wanted a touch of sophistication while keeping my wardrobe size small – so I let go all my clothing that is not in neutral tone or earth colors. Since then, I only brought a few that I could mix and match keeping my closet size small all the time. If you have a lot of clothings you’ve outgrown, don’t forget to include these items in your online selling or fundraising gig.

7. Damaged and worn out clothing

Those items you think you can’t mend or find the time to mend soon, it’s honestly best to throw or gave them away ASAP. We have this tendency to unfold and see if it will work, only to get frustrated because they are still as broken as before. You would like to dispose the following items to gave way to new ones:

  • underwear with holes
  • orphaned socks
  • ripped stockings and towels
  • loose gartered waistbands
  • sweater with multiple snags
  • jeans with broken zippers and overused ripped lining at the ankle
  • pants with holes in the crotch area
  • ripped pockets
  • detached ribbons or strings that needs to be tailored
  • pants with holes left by ripped belt loops
  • clothing eaten by rats/pests

8. Singlets, fundraising shirts, couple shirts, reunion shirts, freebies, etc.

If you have been active and joining a lot athletic events, chances are you have accumulated a pretty huge quantity of singlets over the years.

Also you would want to include in the count the annual shirt for family reunion, church retreats, fundraising shirt by your colleagues, insurance shirt freebies and even couple shirts (if that is still a thing).

If you think you’ve outgrown them already, you can always donate them to those who were temporarily displaced due to fire or typhoon.

9. Costumes

Costumes are cute, brings so much memories (I super love my cheerleading costume!) but also took up a lot of space. If are getting one every year, gave away or sell your old ones.

Post it online or on Facebook groups. There are actually mommies out there madly searching for their little ones’ costume from time to time. Before you do, don’t forget to take a lot of pictures for remembrance!

10. Gowns, cocktail dresses, wedding outfits, events outfits, etc.

Just like costumes, clothes we wore at every event also has a special place in our hearts. Every piece brings a fond memory. If you have accumulated a lot of these clothing items (because why does every event has to have a motif), you can always sell it online. A lot of people are looking for second hand gowns, cocktail dress and suits. They knew that items of these kinds were only worn once or twice by the original owner then sell it for almost half the buying price.

If you indeed have to buy another dress/suit in the future, choose neutral or earth colors so that you can wear it to multiple events before finally disposing them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without’s notice.

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