After I did my pregnancy test which turned out positive, I looked for a private OB-GYNE within Mandaue City to have my first prenatal check-up. If you live in Mandaue City, there were plenty of hospitals and clinics within the city as well as the neighboring Cebu City.

It was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what prenatal visits looked like. I want to keep my pregnancy details private then as it was still very early to announce. I did not shop around for advice nor did I find any useful blogs to tell me the drill. So here’s what happened on my first prenatal visit and some tips for first time moms out there:


If you have no OB-GNYE previously or if you are looking for a new one, consider some points such as his/her clinic location and clinic schedule. Some clinic and hospitals have a directory of doctors with their corresponding specialties in the websites. There are also random internet searches and websites that published lists of doctors and their contact numbers. If you made a pick after seeing the directory, take note of the room/unit number or if there are contact numbers you can book an appointment with.

In our case, we chose the one nearest to our house and a clinic hours that falls on our rest days.

2. Appointment

Contact your OB-GYNE and book an appointment. If you are paying cash or have no insurance, kindly ask how much is the consultation fee so that you can bring enough cash with you. Every pregnancy is unique. Hence, you are encouraged to bring some extra money to prepare for unseen circumstances or additional requests that may arise during the visit.

3. The waiting game

Almost all clinics are busy with long queues and a lot of waiting time. At the first prenatal you might already be peeing a lot and morning sickness is already making you faint. Just bring water, snacks, tissue and alcohol with you. You may also consider reading the books about pregnancy in your OB-GYNE’s office.

4. Weighing

The receptionist/secretary will meet you before your proper consultation with the OG-GYNE. He/she will make you fill out a patient’s form of your basic personal information. She will then measure your weight so make sure to wear slip-on shoes or sandals for easy and fast procedure. As you proceed with your pregnancy, your weight will be measured every visit.

5. Blood pressure and physical exam

On your first prenatal visit, the OB-GYNE will measure your blood pressure. This will also be done every visit for the rest of the pregnancy. Wear something that you can roll-up the sleeves easily.

The OB-GYNE will also conduct a physical exam so make sure your top is easy to remove as well as your bra. Physical exam is done during the first visit only unless you have other medical condition that needs to be monitored every visit.

6. LMP and pregnancy test

Since this is your first prenatal visit, the most important thing the doctor needs to know from you is the date of your last menstrual period or LMP. Accurate recalling of LMP helps the OB-GYN to calculate the gestational age and administer proper maternal care to you.

Aside from LMP, you also need to recall the date you took the pregnancy test.

Generally, it not only the LMP and pregnancy test date but all the medical history you can gather that you consider relevant. The father of your child’s medical history is also important. Be knowledgeable and bring documents if you must.

7. Pap smear

Pap smear is a routine examination for all women and is extremely important for pregnant ones. The OB-GYN will conduct this test in the first prenatal visit to check if you have abnormalities or sexually transmitted diseases.

Wearing a pants/shorts is fine but for your own convenience, it is recommended to wear anything you can pull easily up to the waist such as a dress. Bring also a lot of tissue or wet wipes as you would like to clean up after the pap smear.

8. Laboratory and claiming of results

Apart from the routine pap smear, your OB-GYNE will also provide you with list of laboratories which you will perform outside his/her clinic. You need to bring the results of these laboratories in your next visit.

Make sure you bring extra money for the laboratories and don’t forget to inquire how many days it will take to get the results.

9. First time mom questions

If this is your first pregnancy, you will probably ask a lot of questions about some do’s and don’ts. Make a list of questions in your phone in advance. If you have no idea what questions to ask, try this simple list below:

  • How much weight should I gain in pregnancy?
  • What foods are unsafe for baby in the womb?
  • Is it safe to have intercourse during the first trimester?
  • Do I need to change my shampoo/lotion/soap?
  • Can I still go to spa and have facials?
  • Is visiting the dentist safe for my unborn child?
  • What exercises are possible during first trimester?
  • Can I still ride a motorcycle?

10. How much will it cost to deliver your baby?

The earlier you know the cost of delivery the better. This way you know how much to save or if you need to change your OB-GYNE. Ask your OB-GYN who will deliver the baby in case of his/her absence as well as her price quotation for normal and cesarean delivery.

Private OB-GYNE in Cebu delivers the baby from P80,000 ~ P200,000 (normal/cesarean) during pandemic. The high cost is due to covid measures administered by the hospital to the mother, baby and hospital personnels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without trishaspan.com’s notice.

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