Congratulations on your wedding day and best wishes for a happy life together! You are now officially a missus.


As you embark on your new life journey, your marital status will also change. In the Philippines, there are five known status of an individual in relation to marriage;

a) Single - A person who has never been married; 

b) Married - A couple living together as husband and wife, legally or consensually;

c) Divorced - A person whose bond of matrimony has been dissolved legally and who therefore can remarry;*

d) Separated - A person separated legally or not from his/her spouse because of marital discord or misunderstanding; and

e) Widowed - A person whose bond of matrimony has been dissolved by death of his/her spouse.


*Although divorced is a status, divorce is not allowed in the Philippines as there was no law to legalize it.


Marital status is a legal status regulated by the government in the Philippines. In the case of marriage, a) you have to get a license to get married; b) a licensed officiant to perform the wedding ceremony; and a local courthouse that will give you the marriage certificate as a proof that the marriage took place (you were officially a husband and wife) and as a proof of your new legal status. Divorce, if allowed, will also follow different set of legal procedures as what other countries have currently practiced.


Changing one’s marital status (single to married) is not only romantic but also comes in shared opportunities and obligations. Below are the some of the legal benefits married couples can enjoy;

a) Tax laws for married couple with dependents.

b) Labor benefits and privileges given to married employees.

c) Can legally adopt and be entitled to child custody and support.

d) Share property through asset statements.

e) Medical benefits and visitation rights in the hospital. One of the spouse can also give consent for medical treatments in behalf of the other in case of difficult situations.

f) Visitation rights in detention facilities.

e) Make burial decisions and arrangements.

g) SSS/GSIS and PhilHealth benefits.

h) Insurance benefits.

Aside from legal, there also social benefits that married couples enjoy: marriage protects children, safe and satisfying sex life, happy and secure relationship, wealth-building, protection from violence, live longer and healthier lifestyle. Although these social benefits are subjective, research shows that married couples enjoying these benefits were still higher in numbers compared to single, cohabiting and divorced.

To fully maximize these benefits and claims, these are the legal documents you need to update if your wedding ceremony took place in Mandaue City:


After the contract signing, return to Mandaue City civil registrar within a month and bring the original copy of your marriage contract for registration. They also offer certified true copy of the original document and you may opt to get multiple copies to be used while the NSO copy of your marriage contract is not yet available. After a month, a penalty is imposed for late marriage registration.

Mandaue City Civil Registrar location: Zamora St, Mandaue City

Marriage Registration Fee: None
Late Marriage Registration Fee: P182~P382

Certified True Copy fee: P90 per copy

Requirements to bring: Original marriage contract and valid ID

2. Philippine Statistics Agency (PSA)

The NSO copy of your marriage contract will be available six months after the marriage registration. You may avail thru the PSA website, SM Business Service Centers or proceed to PSA government office. For the meantime, you may use the certified true copy for legal transactions. Be sure to call beforehand if the agency will accept certified true copy. Agencies such as banks, DFA, PRC will not honor certified true copy of marriage contract. You have to wait six months before you can changes status for those agencies.

a) PSA website:
Fee: P330 per copy
Delivery: Minimum of 2 weeks

b) SM Business Service Center location:
Fee: P180 per copy
Claiming: 4-6 days

c) PSA office location: Ground Floor, Gaisano Capital, Colon St., Cebu City
Fee: P155 per copy
Claiming: Within the day

Requirements to bring: Valid ID for priority number and releasing of documents

3. Social Security System (SSS)

Go to SSS Mandaue office along with all the requirements only in your designated schedule.

SSS office location: 3rd Floor, J Center Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu

Fee: None

Requirements to bring:
1. Duly accomplished E-4 or Member Data Change Request Form in two (2) copies.
2. Photocopy of valid ID’s (front and back)
3. Certified true copy of marriage contract

Claiming: Within the day


Go to Pag-IBIG Mandaue office along with all the requirements. There is a dropbox outside the office for members who wish to change status/status update.

Pag-IBIG office location: 3rd Floor, J Center Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu

Fee: None

Requirements to bring:
1. Duly accomplished latest copy of Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF)
2. Photocopy of 1 valid ID
3. Photocopy of marriage contract

Claiming: Return to Pag-IBIG after 3 business days. Pag-IBIG will give an acknowledgment slip indicating that your status have been changed in their system.


Email the requirements to PhilHealth Mandaue office to process your request of change status.

Emails: and

1. Scanned duly accomplished latest copy of PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)
2. Scanned copy of 2 valid government IDs
3. Scanned copy of marriage certificate (NSO copy or certified true copy)

- Make sure that you receive an acknowledgment email of your from the PhilHealth Mandaue Office.
- Processing time is 2-3 working days from the date of acknowledgment.
- You will receive another email once processing is completed and your status is successfully changed.


Go to the nearest bank and submit the following requirements:

1. Photocopy of NSO marriage contract (bring the original copy for verification)
2. Photocopy of one (1) valid government-issued ID (bring the original ID for verification)
3. Duly accomplished Customer Information Sheet (CIS)


Inform your insurance agent that you need to change status and add dependents to your insurance policy. Your agent will be the one to process your request. You may also process online with your insurance provider website.

1. Duly accomplished and signed Policy Amendment Request Form
2. Marriage contract and valid ID (may or may not be applicable)


Currently, some government agencies such as SSS no longer issues new SSS ID/UMID nor renewal of the old ID. If you do not have any valid ID bearing the name of your husband, you may avail of the new PhilSys National ID.

On June 12, 2021, the Philippine Statistics Authority announced that Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) is now open for online registration for the city of Mandaue along with 211 other cities/municipalities.

Photo from PSA Philippine Identification System Facebook Page

Here are the steps in acquiring the National ID in Mandaue City;

Step 1: Collection of demographic information and setting of online appointment through the PSA website. Register through this link:

After successful registration, the system will generate your Appointment Reference Number (ARN) and QR Code. Print or screenshot the electronic copy of the confirmation page containing the following; QR Code, Name, ARN, Registration Center, Center Contact Number and Appointment Date and Time.

Step 2: Capturing of biometric information and validation of supporting documents.

Bring the following during step 2 registration; Appointment Reference Number (ARN), Appointment Slip, Original copy of supporting documents, own ballpen and basic personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face mask, face shield and alcohol or sanitizer.

Contact Information;

As of June 12, 2021, only one (1) registration center is available in Mandaue City.

Location: 2nd Floor, Mandaue City Public Market
7:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday

Contact No.: +639516418426


Facebook Pages:
b) Philippine ID System - Cebu City
c) PSA Philippine Identification System
Photo from PSA Philippine Identification System Facebook Page

Applicants are required to present an original copy of at least one (1) of the following primary or secondary documents;

The registration center prohibits the following;

  • Minors 14 years old and below
  • Sleeveless shirt
  • White shirt
  • Necklaces and earrings
  • Contact lens and heavy make-up

Step 3: Issuance of the PhilSys Number (PSN) and PhilID.

PHLPost will deliver the PSN and PhilID to your registered address. The ID and shipment is free of charge. However, fees will apply to the replacement of PhilID due to damage or loss.

PhilID issued to Filipino citizens has no expiration.

Reminders: Refrain from posting your PhilID on social media as it contains personal information.

Photo from PSA Philippine Identification System Facebook Page


You may register and set an appointment online with COMELEC website Here are the steps to update status in COMELEC, Mandaue City;

Contact Information;

Location: Ground Floor, Sports Complex (Right Side)



Facebook Pages:
a) Comelec Mandaue City, Cebu Online Transaction Page
b) Comelec Oeo Mandaue

Step 1: a) In type of application, select Change of Name due to Marriage or Court Order / Correction of Entries in the Voters’ Registration Record and fill-out the required data at the rest of the page. b) Set an appointment for biometrics capture and form submission at the bottom of the page. Download and print the application form generated after your registration and appointment set-up.

Step 2: Bring three (3) copies of the application form and supporting documents at your designated appointment schedule. Be on time, bring your own ball pen, face mask, face shield and alcohol.

Step 3: Proceed to the first window for verification. In the window, an employee will also assist you for supplemental details and if there are lacking details you need to fill-in.

Step 4: If successful, wait for your name to be called for biometrics and front-facing photograph.

Step 5: The final step is fingerprinting. You will also receive a confirmation slip of your transaction that day.

As of June 23, 2021, only 99 days before the last day of voter registration.

Photo from COMELEC Facebook Page


If you are employed, you also need to notify your employer of your change status. Your company records shall match with your government records such as PhilHealth, SSS and your company HMO for future claims.

Your updated payslip and certificate of employment is also useful for future business transactions such as car loan, phone plans, water and electricity application, acquiring real estate properties, etc.


  • Always bring 1 or 2 valid IDs.
  • Bring photocopy (front and back) of each valid IDs.
  • Always bring NSO copy or certified true copy of marriage contract for verification purposes.
  • Come early and anticipate long queue in government offices.
  • Get a priority number.
  • Accomplish transaction forms inside each offices. As there are several transactions that each office can process. This shall not be confused with the requirements.
  • Follow the correct steps/procedures during transaction.
  • Bring exact cash to avoid delay.
  • Bring your own pen, face mask, face shield and hand sanitizer.
  • Some offices prohibits heavy make-up, contact lenses and other accessories.
  • Children are also not allowed inside each offices as there are no facilities to accommodate them. This is also for their safety while the nation is still in pandemic.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Due to volume of transactions, you might not be able to enter the premises unless your priority number is called.
  • To monitor your status and contributions, some agencies have an application you can download.
  • For latest news and updates, some agencies have Facebook page you can follow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without’s notice.

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