It’s father’s day season and what better way to honor the fathers around the world than to give them something meaningful for the occasion.

Check-out these 10 simple ways to show love to your hard working fathers and father figures out there!

1. A sweet and heartfelt post

I once saw an Instagram post with the caption ‘three moments I want to honor you for,’ dedicated to her mother. She listed top three moments which she cherished the most when they were together. Those were magic moments shared between her and her mother while she was growing up and even until now that she is married and has kids of her own.

I find it sweet and thoughtful. Something that fathers also deserve to have on their special day. It can also be creative and versatile, depending on what you want to highlight about him.

Cebu, 2014.

2. Know their love language

In my blog 10 MARRIAGE AND FINANCIAL PRINCIPLES TO LIVE BY, I shared about the five primary languages that people speak. Not only in marriage, every household is encouraged to know the love language of each other to meet their emotional needs.

According to Dr. Chapman, these are the five primary love languages to express and receive love; words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

My father’s love language is time. He would casually ask my mom when is my next visit in the province which loosely translates to me automatically going home the next weekend. LOL. Now that I lived in Cebu, I make sure that I regularly visit them in Bacolod. Bearing in mind that they are not getting any younger anymore.

Dumaguete, 2016.

3. Create magic moments

Magic moments is a brief experience perceived as special in some way by a person. In a household setting, it usually is initiated by the parents (individually) to each of their children. Technically, these moments are spontaneous but the relationship building in the early stage is intentional. Creating magic moments the other way around (child to parent), is a great way to honor your parents as they grow older.

Magic moments doesn’t have to be over the top. A simple walking in the neighborhood after dinner with your father sounds a good and healthy idea already.

Baguio, 2017.

4. Spend time with them

Spending time with your father or your entire family actually requires a lot of conscious effort. Gadgets, friends and other activities are not bad things but they will pull away your attention if not managed properly. As father’s day is approaching, try to realign and set your priorities so that you can spend quality time with your family.

Try these incredibly easy family activities:

  • Eat meals together or do a BBQ Sunday
  • Game night (cards or board games)
  • Homemade pizza and Netflix movie
  • Road trips on weekends to some nearby mountain with roadside cafe

For quality one on one time, try these activities:

  • Walking or join a fun run/biking event
  • Shopping or volunteer to accompany while doing an errand
  • Play sports
  • Coffee date
Sicogon Island, 2016.

5. Travel with them

Fathers work hard all their lives. Although they may want to visit places and experience new adventures, planning the trip, booking tickets and accommodation are not actually their thing.

Invite your dad and go on an adventure. Initiate to prepare the needed bookings, search for places he dreamt of visiting, look for tours that are older-generation-friendly, hotels that cater the needs and wellbeing of older people and restaurants that he can relax. Immortalize the moment and take a lot of photos of you and your dad together!

Singapore, 2015.

6. Buy thoughtful gifts

For last minute gift ideas, try these practical but thoughtful gifts for your dad:

  • Mug, can opener,
  • Belt, wallet, cap, watch, shades, razor
  • Tent, charcoal grill, knife set
  • Pressure washer, cordless drill
Mactan Airport, 2019.

7. Build a project with them

Before Pinterest, dad’s have always been the king of DIYs. Building crafts, repair and maintenance are their specialties. Building a simple project is one way to bond with your dad this father’s day.

Try simple woodworking such as cabinets and tables. You can suggest to your dad to help you renovate a room, install fixtures in a grocery shop or even build a pigpen!

Cebu, 2018.

8. Throw a party

Dads love to party! The easiest person to throw a party is obviously the fathers. They just want to eat, drink and sing with friends. They want no fuss. No decorations and fancy background needed.

Make your dad feel special by throwing him a backyard or beach party. Prepare some barbecue, fresh seafoods, beers and a karaoke! Budget friendly, right?

60th birthday party, 2015.

9. Volunteer to offer your skills to them

If your dad is working on a construction job, offer to create a logo or simple advertisement material for him. If he is in textile, offer to purchase and ship the needed fabrics he needs for his business once in a while.

In this digital age, dads might seem a little behind in terms of technology. Offer to teach him how to efficiently navigate gadget’s interface, how to treat social media, banking applications, online payments, etc.

Palawan, 2019.

10. Shoulder some expenses

One of the primary role of a father is to provide financially for his family. As father’s day is approaching, honor your dad by treating him financially, too. Set apart some of your income or allowance and offer to shoulder some of his expenses.

As simple as paying for his coffee or gas to committing to pay for his insurance or life plan. No matter how small the amount is, your dad will surely love how you made him special in a very practical way.

Bohol, 2015.

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