Has 2020 changed your perspective of money? Has the ‘multiple streams of income’ become so real to you now more than ever? Are you more frugal and more conscious in your cash flow now? It’s 2021 and now is the perfect time to get started with your financial journey.

By now, you may have seen your friends posting online of their various products. What’s strange is most of them were also employed. It seems they are all into money!

Multiple streams of income is a cliche in any sites which talks about finances, businesses or investments. It’s a basic process in wealth building. Check-out these totally doable side hustles you can use to earn more.

1. Online selling

Online selling is basically a business going online or sometimes called e-commerce. It is a space where physical and digital goods can be bought as well as services.

Due to Covid-19, many found themselves selling and buying online. It reduces the risk of getting sick by not going to stores so often and being exposed to crowded places.

The most popular goods on the online market now are foods. Due to pandemic, many have learned to cook and decided to sell their products online, while others find themselves as a retailer.

There are various social media platforms you can use to sell your products. Most are free except if you want to upgrade or advertise your products. As the medium of selling is online, most businesses invest in a good aesthetics and photography to attract more sales.

There are also relevant courses being offered to cater online businesses. If you are interested in selling online, you may want to enroll in a digital marketing course or seek the help of virtual assistants to manage your online presence while you focus on physical goods.

During the pandemic, many find themselves misplaced in their jobs. Others who have an online business as side hustles, were turned into a full time job overnight.

Among other items in the list, most frugal wives prefer this side hustle as a way to increase their streams of income. Oftentimes, due to to family responsibilities, the once was known as side hustle becomes a full time job.

Online sellers earn by selling their goods to customers. They book delivery drivers to pick-up their goods and deliver it to customers or if they can, deliver the products themselves. Since the business is online, most of the time, even employed people manage to run the business on the side without jeopardizing their full time job.

2. Insurance/Real estate agent

The work of an agent is to sell insurance, life plan, real estate, etc. to people. They assist every client’s needs by offering competitive choices of the products. Agents act as a middle man for the client and the company offering the product. Since every client is different, you will hear different offers tailored to their needs and capacity.

Although being an agent doesn’t require much of a capital compared to a business, it definitely demands more time and resources.

Just like any other business, offering products to people requires training and mastery. Sometimes, agents go out their way by using their personal resources to get a client. Most of the time, agents have availed themselves of the products they are selling no matter how expensive it is.

Agents earn by commission or fees paid by the clients to whatever product they offer. It is usually a percentage of the price of the product. The company offering the products varies and so is the commission for each agent. Since the work is on a commission and quota basis, most agents have another full time job with a stable source of income.

3. Virtual assistant/Freelancer

Virtual assistants or freelancers (as what they love to call themselves) were self-employed people who offers services such as administrative support, graphics design, digital product editing, etc.

They usually work on a work-from-home set-up while their clients were on a remote location. Now that businesses are online, business owners employ VAs to keep their online presence or emails organized.

For administrative support, VAs have range of services such as answering calls, schedule appointments, handling customer service, managing spreadsheets and online records, market research, creating presentations and etc.

On the other hand, there are businesses that requires heavy graphics and so they employ VAs which specializes in graphics design or editing of digital products.

With VAs, business owners can efficiently work on the most important aspects of the business. Their focus on sales, strategy, finance and business plans will be undivided as VAs will took care of the trivial details.

VAs earn when they are hired by a company to complete a task and they are often paid through hourly basis. As it is difficult to pitch yourself and score a company to hire you, there are VAs working as a company and you can join them part-time if you have a 9-5 job.

4. Blogging/Vlogging

A blog is a platform for writers sharing their views on any subject while blogging is the skill needed to run the blog such as maintaining the site, providing graphics, etc. Vlogging is a form of blog using video as a medium.

Blogs have long been used to express personal experiences or a tool in business. With mastery in the field they chose, bloggers’ career took off while businesses flourish due to the information it can present and connection to potential customers or target audience.

Although the main output of blogs or vlogs are the articles or videos they made, it certainly demands a lot of resources such as good equipments, a paid site, article writing, photography and video-editing skills. A lot of successful bloggers and vloggers often emphasized that it took them years to establish and cement their reputation in the blogging or vlogging world.

Blogging or vlogging is one of the go to side hustles of the busy and employed as running a website does not require much maintenance. As long as they are consistent and committed to make quality contents for their audience.

Bloggers and vloggers earn by doing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, paid advertisements, selling digital products such as ebooks, offering online courses and even selling merchandise.

5. Video streaming

Internet has another way of showcasing that opportunities are limitless. Long ago, video streaming was not yet a thing and who would have thought that one could even earn from it.

Conventionally, people buy video games to play by themselves. Now, people pay to watch others play the video games via streaming platform.

With much time and effort, gaming enthusiast earn money through revenues in paid subscriptions, donations, advertising, sponsorship and of course, the most common, of course, is winning a tournament.

6. Photography/Videography

Photography and videography often go hand in hand. It is one of the most early hobbies which turned into a side hustle over time. Although there are various types of photography, there were no shortage of subjects for budding photographers and videographers.

Oftentimes, to improve skills and mastery, photographers focus on a specific style. The most common of which is portrait photography. If you are into photography, there are actually various styles like architectural and still life. There are also other styles but is more work and less of a hobby for a photographer such as editorial, sports, fashion and photojournalism.

Like photography, videography is also another side hustle which requires an exemplary attention to details and a good editing skills.

Both photographer and videographer can earn a decent amount of money overtime. It takes time because customers often look for experienced ones they can hire with whom they can trust their precious moments to be captured. So if you are a budding photographer or videographer, take time to build your portfolio and master more skills.

7. Event supplier (weddings, birthdays, etc.)

Ever wonder why weddings are so expensive? It’s because it consist of various suppliers each of whom taking up a specific role to achieve the couple’s idea of a dream wedding. And so is with birthdays, baptism and other social events which require careful planning.

Event coordinating is now a booming business with more and more people opt to celebrate their milestones with pretty aesthetics and intricate details. Event suppliers are not only limited to event coordinator, it also includes venue, food catering, flowers, sound system, dresses, souvenirs, and even photography and videography.

As easy it may sound, being an event supplier requires a massive amount of expertise. Like in photography, event suppliers who have established themselves in the market were often more expensive. They make sure they are excellent in their service and they never fell short to invest in good quality equipments, raw materials and even trainings.

Event suppliers earn money when people booked them for a specific event such as wedding or any event of any scale. They get paid for services and materials they provide to the customers. Oftentimes, customers with no resources to pull the event would hire an event supplier to do the work for them. It also keeps them from purchasing things they will only use for a day as well as to not get overwhelmed with all aspects of preparations for the event.

8. Home service

Another booming business last 2020 was home service of any sorts. The most common one being home cleaning services and beauty treatments.

With the help of the internet, home cleaning is now a thing here in Philippines. You can now see and book home cleaning services online. With the pandemic and the anxiety of the masses to germs, viruses and bacteria, more people opt to avail these services because of deep cleaning and sanitation features.

And so with beauty treatments. To avoid going to crowded and enclosed spaces, women most especially, will book these kind of services. From manicure to hair treatments, your beautician can do all these things in the comfort of your home.

Massage is also another popular service which you can avail without stepping a foot outside your home. Just recently, yoga can be booked online and availed as home service too!

If you have skills of any sorts which people are willing to pay for, you can definitely earn money by offering your services to people.

9. Food delivery service

Coupled with the fear of going to grocery very so often and not going hungry, more and more people are availing food delivery services. It actually helped lessen the spread of the virus, keep the micro businesses going and provide jobs to those who were displaced due to the pandemic.

The good thing with businesses now is that they made sure that their products can be availed wherever the customers may be. To make this possible, some businesses employ delivery persons to deliver the food anytime within the day at the expense of the customers. Others choose to use apps such as Grab, Foodpanda, Maxim or Lalamove.

Other than foods, items such as groceries and other products can be delivered as well.

Delivery personnel earn money when customers pay for their logistic services. Payments vary according to distance and mode of logistics used to deliver the products. If you have the resources such as a car or a motorcycle, you can apply directly to business owners who needs a delivery personnel or to any logistics company here in the Philippines.

10. Old school selling

If the above mentioned doesn’t work for you, you can always try the old school way of doing business such as selling products in the office, school or at home. Many people are still doing this and most importantly, they earn!

Selling small and old school is better than having all the resources, skills and presence online but does not really earn.

To earn, know your target market, decide what product you would want to sell, look for suppliers and voila – you can now start selling and gain profits.


Any way you take, doing side hustle will require a lot of hard work. Success will not come overnight. Consistency, diligence and being the best in the field are some of the things people cited as the key why they succeed.

Some, made it even a full time job after years of stability and careful planning. Side hustles, as observed, were mostly and usually totally different from the career where people get their major income. For an instance, a person working as a full time teacher is baking cakes on the side during off duty. With hard work, these side hustles could thrive and would then become so profitable you could totally abandon your current job.

If you live in the Philippines, currently these side hustles or full time job for others are not being taxed by the government. Maybe they will or they will not in the future, nobody really knows. For now, keep up the good job and hustle hard!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without trishaspan.com’s notice.

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