We just got married a month a ago and it’s our first Christmas together as a married couple. I was so excited because Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Our first Christmas together is not the way I wanted to celebrate but I love it just the same ❤

1. Just got married

I have lots of plans for our first Christmas together as a married couple because I want it to be memorable and I want it my own way. Before being married, I used to spend Christmas in Bacolod City with my parents and its my mom’s Christmas plan that we should follow. Now that I am married, I am in-charge and that really excites me because I get to plan my own Christmas tradition for our family in the future.

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2. Pandemic happens

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Around the world there are restrictions and people not getting reunited to their loved ones during Christmas because of COVID. We are one of those unlucky people. We are grateful still, just being able to reach Christmas despite the pandemic. So although we are sad that we cannot eat together on Christmas eve with our families, we are glad that our first Christmas is just the two of us.

3. Financial matters

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Last month, after we got married, we were quarantine for 14 days in compliance with the company protocol. 14 blissful days with my husband is a nice thing until we received our paycheck. LOL. We realized we didn’t have enough budget for Christmas and New Year if we wanted to celebrate. So were kind of broke on our first Christmas together. But I learned a really valuable lesson from the experience since I am the one doing the budget. I realized that for the following Christmas and New Years to come, I should set aside a certain amount so that we can achieve whatever plans we have in mind without compromising our daily needs.

4. Festive decorations

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on Pexels.com

I am not a fan of grand decorations for Christmas but I do wish I have one just to mark the season. I envy young couples posing next to Christmas Trees but I said to myself that we can get those in our new home soon. So for now, a gray shirt is fine. I am just so glad my husband is in for the ride.

5. Theme

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

I am so looking forward to have a matchy-matchy pajamas with my husband on Christmas eve. I even eyed a pair in Uniqlo when we came a chance to visit. Sadly, we are short for budget and we didn’t really have a nice camera to catch the moment. Also, no opening of Christmas pressies or sorts. After all, I am just glad I didn’t get a pair as it makes no difference having a crop top just as along as we will be eating together on Christmas eve.

6. Noche buena

Photo by Angele J on Pexels.com

Our noche buena is based on our last paycheck. I just cooked spaghetti and after that we watched movie until its time to eat. I wished that we had more food but I also love that I wasn’t burned out cooking from morning till dusk. So I made a mental note that on the following Christmas to come I should only cook one or two dishes to save my energy for the Christmas eve. I also noticed that the food we have were all sweets and loaded with carbs. Since we live in the Philippines, it is assumed that reheating of left over food for days is the tradition. I really told myself that next time I will only cook healthy foods in case we will be reheating for days.

7. Presents

Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

I was able to buy a present for my husband a month ago. I hid it my backpack and just decided to wrap it the morning before Christmas. So I went outside to the stores inside the village but I can’t find any Christmas wrappers. I went home exhausted due to the heat. As I relax, I opened Pinterest and came across DIY gift wrapping ideas. I was so glad I found a used brown envelope, a red ribbon previously wrapped in a box of cake and my dried flowers from last month’s wedding bouquet.

Amazingly, the gift look presentable and classy. What I look forward most is my husband’s surprised look. Overall, I can say that as long as we are resourceful, with budget or with-out budget, gift giving is still possible.

8. Losing something

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

A few days before Christmas my phone was stolen and up until now I still do not have a phone with me. If I may be honest, I am not bothered at all. I get to spend most of my attention to my husband and doing chores inside the house. Also, lately I have been acting really jealous of people in social media who were privilege to be reunited with their families despite the pandemic. On the financial aspect, if only I were a bit more careful, we don’t have to deal with another unnecessary expense of getting a new phone.

9. Adapting to change

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

The safest way to spend Christmas now is just to stay at home and avoid going to crowded places. I found a quote online saying something like “We isolate now so that when we gather later no one is missing.” Even though we cannot be together with our loved ones, we can still find ways to honor people and traditions by communicating to them online. We talked with both of our families just before Christmas eve dinner and it felt amazing and despite the distance, love transcends.

10. The Reason for the season

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

The secret to why we still wanted to celebrate despite all the setbacks is because we know the true reason behind Christmas season. In Luke 2:11 it says “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”. We celebrate because we know and we are forever grateful that our savior is born. That God, who loves us so much, one day gave His only son to pay for our sin because we cannot save ourselves. In our hearts, Jesus Christ is the only reason for the season. It is never the gifts, the decorations nor the food. We may or may not have those again in the future but it doesn’t matter, we have Jesus Christ in our hearts and one day we will see him again soon!

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